Nutritional Services at The Kaweah Health Lifestyle Fitness Center

Making Your Visalia Health Club a Total Wellness Experience

You can’t exercise enough to not eat healthy and you can’t eat healthy enough to not exercise. While it can be tempting to counterbalance your exercise with any kind of food you want, the truth is your body needs a healthy diet for your exercise to do the most good. Nutrition plays a major role in achieving total wellness, well beyond your workout goals. The Kaweah Health Lifestyle Fitness Center is proud to offer nutrition services led by a registered dietitian to help you develop the habits you need to reach your wellness goals. All members receive a complimentary 30 minute nutritional consultation.

Nutritional Education

What health goals can nutrition help you achieve? Our registered dietitian offers different education options to help you better understand what the foods you’re eating are doing to your body. By eating better, you will exercise more effectively and improve your health in a more sustainable way.

The Kaweah Health Lifestyle Fitness Center’s registered dietitian is available for the following services:

  • Personal Consultations: Individualized consultations to meet your needs
    • Half hour – Member: $20 | Non-member: $30
    • One hour – Member: $40 | Non-member: $60
  • Health/Weight Management Series: A series of visits to help you set and meet goals to become your best self
    • One hour-long and 3 half-hour sessions (4 sessions total)
    • Members: $75 | Non-members: $95
  • Take Charge for Life!: Weight loss skills learned through coaching for long term success, not dieting. Discover your ability to take charge of your weight, for life! This is a 20-week weight management coaching series with weekly group sessions and weekly 1-on-1 sessions. Biometric screenings, membership/personal training session discounts, and an ongoing support program are included for long term success.
    • Members or Guests: $500 for 5 Month Program + cost of Meal Replacements (usage varies)
  • Corporate/Group Nutrition Presentations: Variety of lecture topics offered. Call in advance for booking and pricing

More Information

For more information about nutritional counseling and weight management programs at The Kaweah Health Lifestyle Fitness Center, please call Alana Unger, Registered Dietitian at (559) 624-3448.