Rejuvenate Your Body with Whole Body Cryotherapy

The XR chamber surrounds your body, up to the neck, with extremely cold (up to -220°F) non-toxic nitrogen gas. This dry chill allows you to experience a pleasant cooling sensation, not the bone-chilling feeling of an ice-bath, while naturally triggering your body's most powerful healing and wellness mechanisms. It is a natural wellness treatment with no negative side effects.

Call to Make an Appointment: (559) 624-3450
Sessions available by appointment only, payment required upon scheduling and receipt required for first session.

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How to Register for Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy Contraindications

Cryo User Guidelines

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Experience the benefits of Cryotherapy

  • Decrease Pain, Swelling & Inflammation
  • Accelerate Muscle Recovery Time
  • Boost Performance
  • Assist in Post-Injury Recovery
  • Increase Energy and Endorphin Levels
  • Increase Collagen Production
  • Reverse Signs of Aging
  • Burn Calories
  • Help Treat Skin Conditions
  • Strengthen Immune System

Cancellations require a 24-hour notice.

  • Credit will not be issued/given for no show or missed appointments.
  • Monthly memberships are not contingent upon usage of service.
  • All sessions and monthly memberships are non-transferable.