Emilio Trejo

Fitness is my passion.

“I want to die at the gym because it saved my life…” that’s what weight room instructor, Emilio Trejo said when asked about his passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Emilio had been diagnosed with Anemia and was experiencing extreme fatigue, he could barely walk. After months of prescribed medications and little to no results, Emilio’s friends convinced him that he should try lifting weights. The increased blood flow in his body from his workouts completely reversed his Anemia in less than 6 months, “My doctor said whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”

This experience spurred a life-long passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Emilio transitioned from lifting weights to competitive kickboxing competition after one humbling experience at a local boxing club in Hollywood. He was able to earn a second-degree black belt in Kickboxing, competed in competition and even had the chance to spar with the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Before Emilio came to work for The Kaweah Health Lifestyle Fitness Center, he worked as the Director of Food Services for The Beverly Hills Hotel where he rubbed shoulders with A-list celebrities like Jean-Claude Van Damme daily.

We asked Emilio what it is about this lifestyle that he loves so much and he said “Whether you’re sick or you’re rehabilitating from an accident, diet and exercise are the best medicine…I’m proof of that.”

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