Wellness Club in Visalia

If you are recovering from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, exercise can be a safe, feasible intervention method that produces positive effects in alleviating symptoms associated with cancer and treatment, such as cancer-related fatigue.

The Kaweah Health Lifestyle Fitness Center’s Wellness Club can provide a helpful way to make steps toward recovery through utilizing exercise.

  • All Wellness Club members receive a complimentary 10-week membership
  • A Physician's Referral to the Wellness Club is required prior to enrolling. Click here for a medical referral form
  • Our certified Medical Assistants and Exercise Physiologists will meet with each Wellness Club member to provide personalized exercise programming specifically for those recovering from cancer

TLC Medical Referral Form

For more information, please call The Kaweah Health Lifestyle Fitness Center membership department at (559) 624-3410.